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Join one of our upcoming short-term coliving experiences featuring group dinners, local trips, intentional co-creation, and free time activities.
Cabin week

Montaia Basecamp in Swall Meadows, CA

What's a Cabin Week?

Connect with fellow digital nomads and remote workers who share a love for nature and communal dining. Experience the magic of Cabin Weeks, where up to 12 individuals colive and collaborate for 1-2 weeks in breathtaking locations.

What people are saying



“People who are initially strangers come together and build something together. This leaves a real sense of camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment.”



“Cabin was life-changing for many reasons. The people are able to put ego aside to connect and work towards a greater good.”



“All of the people I met at Cabin inspired me in different ways.”

What's on the schedule?

Each Cabin Week centers around a theme with local adventures, nightly group dinners, and optional curated sessions and volunteer activities. Cabin Weeks are designed for remote workers so while you certainly can take time off, you won't need to.

Sample Activities

Goal settingMindfulnessCollaborative cookingCampfiresGame nightMorning movementHikingSaunaGardeningSwimmingBirdingJournalingCo-creating artBreathworkCompost setupTree pruningPickling partyKaraokeBuildingMovie nightHarvestingMusic making

What's included

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Programming
  • To/from airport shuttle
  • Access to nature
After participating in a Cabin Week, you are granted Citizenship and get full access to coliving in the network, our flagship annual events, and the full suite of Citizen perks and benefits.

Cabin Week Locations


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