Colive with friends in nature

Cabin is a global network of beautiful properties in nature for remote workers seeking meaningful connections

We are our best selves when we live with people we admire

Thanks to the power of the internet, we can connect with like-minded individuals online and come together in person.

Value One

Touching grass is good for our wellbeing

Regenerative local communities are the most resilient and sustainable way to grow an abundant future.

Value Two

Co-creation grows culture

Co-creation builds trust among collaborators through transparency and empowerment. We practice a culture of co-creation, cooperation, and reciprocity.

Value Three
Intro Cabin Experience
Getting started

Attend an Intro Cabin Experience

These 1-2 week long events are our official welcome to the Cabin community and a taste of coliving grounded in collaboration, connection, and contribution.

Colive at Cabin

Access to nature

Breathtaking scenery available outside the front door.

Fast internet

Reliable, high-speed WiFi to make it easy to connect and do work.

Strong community

Good vibes for thoughtful people to live together smoothly.

Ways to stay at Cabin

Attend a Cabin Week

These 1-2 week long events are our official welcome to the Cabin community and a taste of coliving.

Apply to Colive

Browse our directory of coliving offers across the network city and apply for your next experience.

Become a Citizen

Access our full network of coliving options by receiving a vouch from a current citizen and purchasing a membership.

What people are saying



“People who are initially strangers come together and build something together. This leaves a real sense of camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment.”



“Cabin was life-changing for many reasons. The people are able to put ego aside to connect and work towards a greater good.”



“All of the people I met at Cabin inspired me in different ways.”




I am so grateful to have found @Montaialife through @cabindotcity last year. Now I am back! This place rly is a home, a basecamp, a taproot to return to.

Jun 11, 2023




One of the coolest opportunities out there. No matter who you are or what you want to build

Feb 14, 2023

Zoya Yaseka

Zoya Yaseka


The way this opportunity is changing lives and setting the foundation for new ways to live and commune 🥰✨👏🏾

Jun 28, 2023

Adrian Seneca

Adrian Seneca


it has been an incredibly expansive and nourishing experience. Connecting, weaving and integrating with community while surrounded by land is 100% my vibe.

Mar 10, 2023

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