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Neighborhood Zero

Johnson City, TX | United States



Created from the ground up by members of the community, Neighborhood Zero includes 8 bedrooms and bathrooms spread across 3 cabins, an outdoor spa, community gathering spaces, and an area for vans. It sits on 28-acres of the Texas Hill Country 45 minutes west of Austin, TX and is home to a rotating dinner party of Cabin colivers (and several longhorn cattle).

The entire property is being designed and built by members of the Cabin community. It is the place where Cabin was started, and has been home to our original Creator Residency program. Residents at Neighborhood Zero have spent their time out here building projects like Constitution DAO, Station, Own The Doge, and Cabin itself. They've also contributed dozens of art installations and space-making projects of all sizes to the property.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom and desk setup, so residents have a quiet space to recharge after a day of socializing. Expect campfires, group meals, late-night conversations, and long expansive days to focus on whatever project has captured your imagination (or just your day job!).



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